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Peter Pan


Dates: July 19 - 30

PERFORMANCE: July 31 at 7pm

Grades: 2nd - 12th

Time: 9:00a - 4:00p

Where: 8 West Main Street

               Pulaski, VA 24301

Tuition: $275

Peter Pan 2021 Logo.png

Book adapted by Kendall Payne & Keith McCoy

Based on the J.M. Barie novel, Peter Pan

Astonished by Peter Pan's appearance in the nursery, young Wendy, John, and Michael are intrigued by his tales of Never Land, the home of fairies, mermaids, pirates, and the poor Lost Boys who need a mother. With the help of a little fairy dust, they fly off with Peter to find adventure. Meanwhile, in order to exact his revenge on Peter Pan, who is responsible for his lost arm, the evil Captain Hook has devised a series of dastardly plans. Come let this adventure lead you far away from your home and to the stage and enjoy this thrilling, dangerous and far far away adventure!

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