Online Open Audition Casting Call: 

Accepting Submissions Now —  Monday, April 6, 2020 at 11:59pm


Your Home, Anytown, USA



​Please Prepare:

(1) one-minute monologue 

(1) one-minute song

(1) dance routine: either mover combo or dancer combo  


Anyone who wishes to be considered for leading, supporting or ensemble roles in the upcoming 2020 season. Although theatre professionals, theatre students and experienced non-professionals are welcome, talented amateurs and novices are also encouraged to attend, particularly those who sing and dance.  

We are closely monitoring recommendations and reports on the coronavirus (COVID-19) from local, regional and national health officials to preserve the safety and well-being of our Adaire Theatre family. To help combat the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure we are able to continue offering all our services as usual in the future, we are now moving are 2020 Season Auditions online to digital submissions. Sing and dance from the comfort of your own home!


Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time. We are excited to have the opportunity to produce theatre this year and we want to receive as many video auditions as we can! The show must go on (cross your fingers)!


Please follow the instructions below: 




  • We’re interested in meeting new artists and seeing new sides of artists we’ve worked with before. If you haven't already, please submit an audition form by clicking on the "Submit An Audition Form" button below. Please list all potential conflicts on your audition form including vacations. No conflicts will be approved on Performance Dates or the week before Opening. All wanting to audition MUST complete this online form and send an email that includes a headshot, resume and a YouTube link to their recorded audition.

Submissions should be addressed to Keith McCoy at: with ‘2020 Season Auditions’ in the subject line.


  • Please record a video of yourself singing a 1 minute music theatre piece (typically a verse and a chorus) to an accompaniment track with no vocals. No acapella auditions. 

  • Please record a video of yourself presenting a 1 minute monologue memorized. 

  • Please record a video of yourself dancing one of the dance combinations below.

  • Upload audition to YouTube and double check link before sending!

Do not underestimate the importance of a strong audition. Study your audition material and treat the audition and material with a thoughtful plan. 

Actors of all race, ethnicities and gender identity are encouraged to audition for all roles. 

Photos, resumes and audition reels are accepted year-round.

Snail Mail to:

Adaire Theatre

P.O. Box 136

Pulaski, VA 24301

Email with subject line "CASTING" to:

 CAsting needs

Jesus Christ Superstar

First Rehearsal: June 1, 2020

Opening: June 19, 2020

Closing: June 28, 2020



Jesus Christ: Tenor (A2-G5)

Protagonist of the story, leader of the twelve Apostles, and son of God, Messiah and King of the Jews. This text—Rice and Lloyd Webber's show—is interested in Jesus as Messiah and man both, and not only his spiritual ministry, but also his personal experience and political role in the world. 

Judas Iscariot: Tenor (D3-D5)

One of the twelve apostles of Jesus; concerned for the poor and for the consequences of Jesus' fame. A tragic figure, a conflicted man, and a powerfully passionate guy. Most certainly not a bad guy— he's as desirous of being pure as Jesus is, and believes he is doing the right thing. 


Mary Magdalene: Alto (F3-E♭5)       

A female follower of Jesus who finds herself falling in love with him. Keep in mind, if you're preparing her music, that she might not be sentimental or soft. She's a prostitute, and she tries in her way to care for Jesus, so there is tenderness, and desire, but this is a woman of great strength. 


Pontius Pilate: Baritone (A2-B4)       

Governor of Judea who foresees the events of Jesus’ crucifixion from beginning to aftermath in a dream and finds himself being presented with that very situation. One of the most complex characters in the play, a man of his time and a leader capable of great brutality, yet also a man of a certain conscience. 


Caiaphas: Bass (C2-F4)       

Joseph Caiaphas was the high priest of Jerusalem who, according to Biblical accounts, sent Jesus to Pilate for his execution.  


Annas: Tenor (G2-D5)       

Fellow priest at the side of Caiaphas who is persuaded by Caiaphas into seeing Jesus as a threat 


Peter: Baritone (G2-G4)       

One of Jesus' 12 apostles; denies Jesus three times upon the night of Jesus' arrest to save himself 


Simon Zealotes: Tenor (G3-B4)       

One of Jesus' 12 apostles; urges Jesus to lead his followers into battle against the Romans 


King Herod: Baritone       

The King of Galilee; Jesus is brought to him for judgment after first being taken to Pilate 


Ensemble:  All Vocal Ranges

The ensemble will play such roles as priests, disciples, soul girls, angels, crowd, lepers, vendors, mob and Roman Guards. 

Thoroughly Modern Millie

First Rehearsal: July 27, 2020

Opening: August 14, 2020

Closing: August 23, 2020



Millie Dillmount: Mezzo/Belt (Ab3-F5), Must Tap.

A sweet, charismatic woman with a great sense of humor, sharp comedic timing, and a zest for life. Needs a strong voice with lots of stamina.


Jimmy Smith: Tenor (Solid A), Good Mover; Dancer a Plus

 Self-assured, quick-witted, and charming with a good sense of comedic timing. 


Dorothy Brown: Soprano (A5-C6), Tap and Ballet /Ballroom Skills

She’ll only be referred to as Miss Dorothy, befitting her wealthy status; a refined and sophisticated yet naïve, lady. 


Trevor Graydon: Baritone (A2-G4), Good Mover

Handsome and debonair, Trevor is an executive at the Sincere Trust Insurance Company; a strong leading man. Comedic in his “straight man” role.


Mrs. Meers: Alto/Belt (with a low E)

Deceptive and conniving, she’s a former actress from Brooklyn who fakes a Chinese accent and motherly instincts to lure unsuspecting tenants into her trap.  


Ching Ho & Bun Foo:

Brothers; immigrants from China. Will be speaking in Cantonese and singing in Mandarin. Must sing and be good movers.  


Miss Flannery: Strong Singer, Tap Dance a Plus

A stern, no-nonsense kind of gal. The Sincere Trust Insurance Company’s Office Manager, she runs a tight ship.


Gloria, Alice, Rita, Ruth, and Ethel: Tap, Ballet a Plus

Energetic, fun-loving young ladies, all looking for their big break in NYC. All must sing. Looking for different ranges.


Muzzy Van Hossmere: Alto (G#-D), Must be a Good Mover

Glamorous, big-hearted, fun loving, and wise with lots of soul. A diva who knows how to have a good time while never losing sight of what really matters in life & love. 


Male Tappers: Looking for 2 to 4 tap dancers with strong voices


Male and Female Ensemble to play multiple roles: All must sing and be excellent movers, tap dance a plus. 4 Males and 4 Females to play multiple roles (Adults but age open), All will sing, moving is optional.

Saved By Grace

First Rehearsal: August 26, 2020

Opening: September 11, 2020

Closing: Setptember 20, 2020

Casting Note:

Vocal ability and range will be important, as well as the ability to sing in different styles. Some experience with singing harmonies and the ability to hold a harmony line against other voices are vital. All cast members will be required to do some choreography, but you do not need to be a dancer.



  • 2 Basses

  • 2 Tenors

  • 2 Altos

  • 2 Sopranos


The Addams Family

First Rehearsal: October 5, 2020

Opening: October 23, 2020

Closing: November 1, 2020


Gomez Addams: Male actor, playing age 40-50. Bari-tenor (Bb-G)

A man of Spanish descent who takes great pride in his family and revels in all it means to be an “Addams.” He struggles with having to keep his daughter’s secret from his wife, whom he adores more than death.  


Morticia Addams: Woman, playing age 35-50, Alto/Mezzo-Soprano  (G-Bb)

In shape, attractive, leggy, the strength of the family. An easy comedic actress with a sexy, dry wit. Feels her husband is hiding something from her and will use any tactic to lure the secret out.


Uncle Fester: Male actor, playing age 30-60. Tenor (C-C)

The androgynous family member who serves as the musical’s narrator, he is larger than life, an energetic, joyous, child-like presence.


Wednesday Addams: Woman, playing age 16-21. Pop Belter (A-E)

Wednesday is an attractive, in shape girl who has the same dry wit and sensibility of her mother. Finds love with a “normal” boy (Lucas) and wants to introduce his family to hers. Experiences the youthful drama that comes with first love. Lucas can actually put a smile on her face.


Grandmama: Woman. She is a feisty 102-year-old woman. Character Vocals (G-F)

Fun and quirky, but don’t mess with Grandma!  


Pugsley Addams: Young male actor, playing age 10-14.  Tenor (A-F)

A charming, funny, husky boy who loves being tortured by his sister, he wants to ensure he won’t lose his sister to her new boyfriend so he takes matters into his own hands.


Lurch: Male actor, playing age 30-60.  Bass (Eb-E)

A very tall male character, the Addams butler who knows all.  He speaks in moans and groans without becoming a cartoon version of himself. His movement is always very slow. 


Mal Beineke: Male, playing age 40-55. Baritone/Tenor: (C-A)

The stuffy father of 19-year-old Lucas, and exasperated husband to his rhyming wife, Alice. At one time was a follower of The Grateful Dead but has lost that side of himself. Always looking out for his family. 


Alice Beineke: Woman, playing age 30-45. Soprano/Belt (Ab-G#)

Mother of Lucas, devoted to her family so she puts aside her own desires. In shape, quirky female who often speaks in rhyme. While at the Addams Family dinner party, she drinks a potion that causes her to let her hair down and speak her truth. 


Lucas Beineke: Male, playing age 18-24. Pop Tenor (C-C)

Attractive, in shape young man. Fell in love with Wednesday Addams and plans to marry her. Experiences the youthful pain and drama of young love and struggles with the differences between his family and the Addams family.


Chorus of Ancestors: 

All chorus members will take on an Addams Family Ancestor “character” – Bride, Groom, Flapper, Hippie, Pilgrim, Caveman, Soldier, Saloon Girl etc.  Something for everyone! 

Christmas Cheer

First Rehearsal: November 30, 2020

Opening: December 17, 2020

Closing: December 20, 2020


  • 3 Strong Actor/Singers (Male or Female)

  • 2 Strong Actors (Male or Female)

  • 4 Strong Dancers (Male or Female)

  • Youth Ensemble


Do I need to memorize a monologue? Sometimes, but not always. After you sing (if the production is a musical) you may be given a copy of a scene from the play that you will be asked to read from. This is called a “cold reading.”


What are 16 bars of sheet music? If you look at a piece of sheet music, you will see that the notes are on a series of 5 horizontal lines. You will also see vertical lines that separate those lines into a series of groups of notes. Each one of those vertical sections is a "bar" of music. You can choose any 16 bars for an audition, so try to pick the 16 bars that show off your voice the best. Notate on the sheet music where the pianist should start and stop. If you are still having trouble, ask someone you know who can read music to show you on the music what it is and to help you pick 16 bars that will work for you.


Do I need a headshot (picture) and a resume? When you arrive you will be given an audition form to fill out. If you have a resume we will attach it to the form. If you do not have a resume you will need to fill out the space on the audition form that asks you to list any theatrical experience. A headshot is not required, but if you have a school picture or photo of yourself please bring it with you. It is a great way for the people who are casting the show to remember what you look like.


What happens if I cannot make the audition dates? If you cannot make the audition date then you will need to contact Adaire Theatre at (540) 250-3665 or in order to try and set up an individual or optional audition date.


What should I wear? An audition is much like a job interview, except in this interview you might be asked to dance or sing. You should try to look professional and bring an extra set of more comfortable clothes and shoes if you know there will be a choreography portion in the audition.


Will I have to audition in front of anyone else who is auditioning? Sometimes, yes. If asked to do a cold reading, you may be asked to read with other people for the scene.


What is a callback? The "callback" is a second or subsequent audition where the selection process becomes more specific. At a callback you will be asked to read additional scenes from the show, prepare music from the score and learn additional dance combinations. The callback is also an opportunity for the director to see and hear different combinations of actors.


What if I am not called back? Not being called back doesn’t always mean that you aren’t being cast in the show. Sometimes a callback is needed for a director to look at the way specific groups of people fit together.


What if I can’t make all rehearsals? A calendar with all the possible rehearsal dates and all performances is located on the back of the Audition Form. When you audition we ask that you mark any date that you can't rehearse and turn it back in with your form. We are often able to work around the availability of the actors we cast. Sometimes the availability of an actor is the final deciding factor in casting. Always be honest about your availability.


How will I know if I am cast in the show? If you are cast in the show you will be contacted following your audition for the show. You will receive an email if you were not cast in the show. Either way you will have an answer.

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