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Christmas Cheer Logo.png


Book by Keith McCoy

Edited by Kendall Payne

Inspired by Adaire Theatre's original Christmas Variety Show, Home for the Holidays.

Christmas Cheer

Is presented through special arrangement with Adaire Theatre. All authorized  performance material supplied by Adaire Theatre.

Christmas Cheer


December 17 - 20, 2020

Pulaski Elks Lodge​


As soon as you finish that last bite of Thanksgiving pie, you know the holiday season has officially begun. Rather than indulge our inner Scrooge (which, is easy to do), go the route of Buddy the Elf and embrace the christmas cheer full on. Need a little help getting there? Allow Adaire Theatre’s production of Christmas Cheer. This smartly conceived variety show is comprised of musical performances, sketch comedy and healthy doses of humor sitting side-by-side with sincerity. This engagingly executed holiday spectacular will instill you with the true spirit of the holidays.

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