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Private Acting Lessons

Studying the art of acting goes far beyond performing in plays. Acting is a necessary skill needed in order to excel in improv comedy, musical theatre, dance, stage combat, directing and much more. Teaching Artists at Adaire Theatre will help students master various techniques to allow students to embrace and embody their character so they can act convincingly on stage. 

From character development and script analysis to physical warm-ups and breathing exercises, students who enroll in acting lessons will exhibit tremendous growth by the end of their training. 

Applying to college or just prepping for your next audition, maybe even looking for new material for that audition book? Our highly-trained and experienced faculty can help you prepare and even film/edit your audition video.

Private Acting Lesson Fees:

$15 for 30 minutes

$20 for 45 minutes

$30 for 60 minutes


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